Compliance Manager MSP Edition

The Easy-to-Use, Automated Tool that Supports The IT Compliance Needs of Your Clients

Compliance Manager puts you in the business of providing compliance services for customers who are subject to HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, NIST, CIS and other common standards. Compliance Manager does the heavy lifting including data collection and report generation while you do what you’re best at—remediating IT issues.

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Address Your Client Needs (Or Someone Else Will)

Have the answer for customers who are subject to regulatory reporting requirements. Don’t risk losing business to independent consultants or other MSPs.

Create New IT Security Assurance Offerings

Provide enhanced security beyond firewall and anti-virus and increase your managed services revenue 20-50% in the process.

Do What You Know and Do Best

With Compliance Manager you don’t need to be a subject matter expert with a PhD in Compliance.

Create profitable new ENHANCED security services beyond Regulatory Compliance

Security is a hot topic and something that’s on ALL your clients’ minds. Expand your security services beyond firewall management and anti-virus by offering new services based upon industry recognized, best-practices frameworks such as NIST and CIS.

  • Create new security services around tailored Policies & Procedures that match each client’s unique IT requirements.
  • Charge 20-50% more than your base managed services for these enhanced security services.
  • Provide monthly Evidence of Compliance to show your clients the results of a hardened security posture.

Win more IT compliance-related business, fast!

Compliance Manager GRC makes selling compliance services a breeze. . .

  • For prospecting, generate a “Rapid Baseline Assessment” in less than an hour, revealing compliance issues that a prospect may not even know they have.  Expose the risks, close the deal!
  • Produce a Management Plan at the push of a button that shows the prospect the issues that are out of compliance and includes your recommendations for remediating.

Enrich your existing client relationships

It’s time to deepen your client relationships and demonstrate more value.

  • Help educate your clients who are unaware of the need to follow certain regulatory, statutory or cyber risk insurance IT requirements.
  • Use the Rapid Baseline Assessment against industry standards like NIST CSF or the CIS Controls v8 to show demonstrate how you can better manage risk
  • Invite your clients to be partners in their own IT security, with employee security awareness training.

Respond instantly to any audit

In the event of a breach on a client network, all hell breaks lose. That’s when you’ll thank the stars you have Compliance Manager GRC

  • Respond instantly to audit requests from cyber insurance company adjustors trying to avoid a big payout to your clients
  • Generate full evidence of compliance from any point in time at the click of a mouse button.
  • Produce a complete and up-to-date policy and procedures manual upon request to document the best practices you follow.

Compliance protection for you and your clients

  • Automatically track and manage compliance with the specific IT security requirements of each client’s cyber risk insurance policies.
  • Qualify for specially priced, lower-cost cyber insurance policies available only to Compliance Manager GRC subscribers.
  • Identify unsupported operating systems and software, even without agents running on those devices.
  • Systematically manage compliance of all requirements with dynamic Plans of Actions and Milestones that ensure the most critical risks are always addressed in a timely fashion.

Deliver - new and profitable- services to every client

Compliance Manager GRC is a purpose built IT security compliance solution that allows you to sell and deliver profitable IT security assurance and compliance services to every client you have!

Customizable Control Library

Access all common controls to edit or build personalized and tailored compliance standards.

Low Subscription Fee

Our low subscription fee and high level of automation allow you to deliver highly profitable IT Compliance services.

Built-In Client Portal

A brandable client portable allows your clients to access attestations, reports and other value-added features.

Overcome the Biggest IT Challenges and Responsibilities

  • Reduce Risk
  • Reduce Complexity
  • Save Money
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