Compliance Manager MSP Edition

The Ultimate Tool for Managed IT Security & Compliance

Compliance Manager GRC puts you in the business of providing improved IT Security and robust compliance for your clients. You’ll be able to offer profitable services with minimal effort.

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Win More Business

Work with larger clients and command higher fees by demonstrating the value of compliance and IT security.

Keep Pace With Change

Assist clients as they experience employee turnover, implement new projects and expand though mergers and acquisitions.

Improve IT Security

Quickly identify gaps against any IT security requirement, document what needs to be done, and generate evidence of compliance.

Create profitable new services with minimal effort

Expand the types of clients you can work with, enter new vertical markets and expand opportunities with existing clients.

  • Create compliance documentation that’s accurate, thorough and customizable; matching every client’s unique IT requirements.
  • Provide cybersecurity awareness training for all client employees and record compliance.
  • Help your clients improve their IT security posture with vendor risk management.

Win more business - with existing clients and new prospects

Do you have a tough time selling compliance services because it takes so much effort to do an initial assessment and it’s hard to explain the value?

  • Generate a “Rapid Baseline Assessment” in less than an hour, revealing a high-level view of your prospect’s compliance posture.
    Identify compliance issues that a prospect may not know they have through structured interview workflows and a simple UI.
  • Approach new clients through different points of entry, with services that will be of value to HR, Finance, and Operations leaders; not just the IT department.

Work with larger clients and command higher fees

Want to justify higher fees and prevent churn? It’s time to deepen your client relationships and demonstrate more value.

  • Help educate your clients who are unaware of the need to follow certain regulatory, statutory or contractual IT requirements.
  • Use the Rapid Baseline Assessment to show clients who know their requirements what they’re missing.
  • Show clients samples of what you can do for them. The dynamic compliance documents are worth their weight in gold to larger clients.

Keep pace with client changes and expansion

  • New environments can be quickly assessed by non-technical staff while technicians and network engineers continue to work on other tasks.
  • Monitor and measure compliance with all operational IT controls at the same time, across all requirements and standards.

Compliance protection for you and your clients

  • Automatically track and manage compliance with the specific IT security requirements of each client’s cyber risk insurance policies.
  • Qualify for specially priced, lower-cost cyber insurance policies available only to Compliance Manager GRC subscribers.
  • Identify unsupported operating systems and software, even without agents running on those devices.
  • Systematically manage compliance of all requirements with dynamic Plans of Actions and Milestones that ensure the most critical risks are always addressed in a timely fashion.

Compete - and win- against other MSPs of any size

Compliance Manager GRC is a purpose built IT security compliance solution that allows you to leapfrog the competition, regardless of size.

Customizable Controls

Provide a more personalized and tailored managed security service compared to larger competitors.

Low Subscription Fee

Our low subscription fee and high level of automation allow you to be more efficient and cost-effective in delivering IT Compliance solutions.

Built-In Platforms

Built-In platforms for employees and vendors allow you to include value-added services that differentiate your offerings and expand your business.

Overcome the Biggest IT Challenges and Responsibilities

  • Reduce Risk
  • Reduce Complexity
  • Save Money
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