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Automated Compliance and Security, Made Easy

Compliance Manager GRC is a collaborative software platform that allows individuals from multiple departments to contribute to the compliance process, freeing the IT professionals to do what they do best: Manage IT.

And it’s priced to be affordable for any organization of any size.

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The Only Compliance Tool You Will Ever Need!

Self-Serve Portal

Provide HR with a self-serve portal for employee attestation that they have read and agreed to any policies.

Security Awareness Training

Give end-users access to a basic training tool they can access from any work location, including at home.

Vendor Risk Management

Provide vendor’s with a branded portal to document compliance for your finance or operations teams.

Auditor Checklists

Give auditors an up-to-the-minute compliance checklist, and instant evidence of compliance

Compliance, Simplified

Manage all your standards, requirements and controls at the same time, in the same place. Customize your documentation for new regulations, contracts, client questionnaires and your cyber insurance policy.

Quick and Easy Setup
Build Your Own Standards & Controls
Ensure Cyber Insurance Policy Compliance

Overcome the Biggest IT Challenges and Responsibilities

  • Reduce Risk
  • Reduce Complexity
  • Save Money
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