Compliance Services Pro

Your Partner in Reducing RISK and Managing IT Compliance

Managing compliance with complex government regulations, industry rules and cyber risk policy terms can be both challenging and costly. But non-compliance carries with it the risk of audits, fines and in the event of a breach, potential lawsuits as well.

Compliance Services Pro takes care of the heavy lifting for you

Compliance Services Pro is the exclusive companion offering for Compliance Manager GRC subscribers. We take the heavy lifting of IT compliance project management off your plate, so that your team can focus on doing what they know best — keeping your network safe and available. We supply you with the direction and guidance you need and manage the entire compliance process, collaborating directly with you and your compliance stakeholders through the Compliance Manager GRC multi-role platform.

Here’s what you get -- all for one low fixed cost

  • Guidance from high-level compliance experts without paying exorbitant consulting fees
  • Support of a large team of project managers, eliminating the need for you to hire new staff
  • Help with getting the right stakeholders (across various departments of your organization) engaged in the assessment process by optimizing the use of Compliance Manager GRC’s role-based architecture
  • Enhanced in-product guidance that will be automatically made available in your Compliance Manager GRC software
  • Assistance with generating key compliance reports
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Get help from
compliance experts

You get access to compliance experts for each IT standard you’re managing. You’ll get tangible recommendations with real-world next steps that you can leverage for compliance-related touch points within your organization.

Keep the compliance
process in motion

We make sure that the process never stalls and nothing falls through the cracks. We help you ensure that your organization’s decision makers are engaged and invested in the success of your security and compliance efforts.

Extract the most value out of
your software investment

We make sure your Compliance Manager GRC software is properly configured to meet your organization’s needs, and help with data collection, proper generation of evidence of compliance and timely document generation.

Save time, money and improve security assurance

Bringing in Compliance Services Pro as your compliance management partner is the proven and cost-effective way to enhance your organization’s security posture. We can help you:

  • Lower project management overhead
  • Eliminate the need to hire additional (or any) security and compliance experts
  • Ensure compliance with virtually any standard and security assurance with predictable, incremental costs

The Compliance Services Pro proven process

The Compliance Services Pro team has developed a proven process for effectively, efficiently and accurately managing compliance projects of all types and sizes. Here’s the process we’ll follow with you:

  1. Set up Compliance Manager GRC based on your scope and requirements
  2. Run the initial compliance data scan
  3. Generate the interim worksheets and ensure they are completed by the right people in a timely fashion
  4. Manage the completion of Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) by your team
  5. Help generate periodic reports to share with leaders in your organization

CS-Pro’s Standard and Premium service features

Features Standard Service Premium Service
Deployment and configuration of Compliance Manager GRC
Team of dedicated Project Managers to keep your compliance efforts on track
Quarterly Executive Deliverable with prioritized roadmap and supporting reports
Enhanced self-guided assessment expanded in-product-explanations
Custom, role-based workbook and controls assignment mapping
Delivery preparation meeting with your primary point of contact
Compliance Concierge Service, including up to four 1-hour control assessment guidance sessions led by our subject matter expert
Direct stakeholder expert delivery assistance with compliance subject matter expert

Show your leaders even greater value and generate even higher trust

Compliance management is an ongoing process, but our service includes a Quarterly Compliance Review and Plan Update. We’ll ensure that all stakeholders to the process are kept informed of progress and results. Everyone will be on the same page, and freed from the burden of worrying about compliance.

Regulatory or best practices changes

Leverage the Compliance Manager GRC platform to reassess regulatory compliance based off the latest updates

Improvements in environment since last engagement

Highlight the success of your Compliance Manager efforts since the last report to use as a lever to move lagging projects forward

Current threat landscape

Identify how security threats have evolved since the last report, what environmental changes have been discovered during the quarterly assessment and reprioritize the security and compliance roadmap

Compliance Services Pro Opportunity for MSPs.

If you’re an MSP, you can use Compliance Services Pro as your own Compliance Service Operations Center. We offer a “white labelled” version of our service that you can resell as your own to your clients, with us doing the work behind-the-scenes. Or, you can bring us forward to work with your clients as your “IT Compliance Pro team.” Either way, we’re here to make you look great.

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