Compliance Manager IT Pro Edition

Automated Compliance and Security, Made Easy

Compliance Manager GRC is a simple yet effective way to reduce risk and meet any industry, regulatory or internal security requirements without adding staff or stretching your budget. It gives you confidence that your Information Security programs are working – and generates the documentation to prove it.

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Create accurate compliance documentation- automatically

Keep your policies and procedures documents up to date, track and manage IT requirements across all of your standards, track employee security awareness training, manage vendor risk, maintain compliance with contracts and insurance policies and more.

Evidence of Compliance

Generate Evidence of Compliance reports documenting compliance with requirements across all your standards at the same time.

IT Policies & Procedures

Generate IT Policies & Procedures manuals that are updated anytime a new control or requirement is added.

Risk Assessment Reports

Produce IT Risk Assessment reports to document security issues and compliance violations that need action.

Plans of Action

Use dynamically generated Plans of Action and Milestones to track, manage and document remediation of discovered issues.

Document Library

Automatically generate and update a complete library of documents and reports ready to protect you against audits, investigations, and lawsuits.

Security Awareness

Track and report on employee security awareness training and acknowledgement of company policies.

Identify hidden risks and compliance violations in the office, with remote workers and in the cloud.

Compliance Manager GRC automatically finds and documents security issues and compliance violations that require action.

  • Scan your network and remote systems to identify unsupported operating systems and software.
  • Run the integrated MS Cloud assessment tool to identify employee-initiated changes to the Microsoft Office cloud services and Azure AD.
  • Identify groups of employees who have not taken basic security awareness training courses.
  • Call out vendors who are not meeting your organization’s security requirements.

Manage and document compliance with any set of IT security requirements or controls. 

Compliance Manager GRC gives you the flexibility to customize your documentation for new regulations, contracts, client questionnaires, and your cyber insurance policy.

  • Create your own standards based on client contracts and other non-regulatory requirements.
  • Add your own controls, using your words, and generate reports specific to your needs.
  • Create, manage, and document your own controls and standards.

Shield your organization against compliance violation fines, lawsuits, and monetary loss.

If you were notified today of an audit, lawsuit, or investigation as the result of a breach, would you be able to produce the necessary reports to protect your organization? Compliance Manager GRC proves due care.

  • Automatically generate reports whenever they are needed to meet regulatory and statutory requirements.
  • Maintain a historical record of your compliance efforts, proving due care in the event of a breach.
  • Supply insurance auditors with a checklist of actions that match all the terms of your cyber security insurance policy.

Keep pace with organizational changes and expansion. 

Is your organization in constant flux – employee turnover; implementing new projects; expanding through mergers and acquisitions? Compliance Manager GRC is built to manage change.

  • Regularly scheduled automated scans identify unauthorized devices, unsupported operating systems and software, unauthorized users, weak passwords, missing patches, and anti-virus status.
  • New environments can be quickly assessed by non-technical staff while technicians and network engineers continue to work on other tasks.
  • Compliance with all operational IT controls can be monitored and measured at the same time, across all requirements and standards.

Designed for Collaboration

Existing rules change regularly, requiring assistance from other departments within your organization. Compliance Manager GRC allows you to provide compliance management access to other stakeholders in your organization.

Self-Serve Portal

Provide HR with a self-serve portal for employee attestation to having read and agreed to your organization’s policies.

Security Awareness Training

Give employees access to a basic training tool they can access from any work location, including at home.

Vendor Risk Management

Provide vendor risk management tools to finance or operations teams.

Auditor Checklists

Give auditors an up-to-the-minute compliance checklist.

Overcome the Biggest IT Challenges and Responsibilities

  • Reduce Risk
  • Reduce Complexity
  • Save Money
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