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HIPAA Compliance Management

Manage HIPAA compliance at the same time you manage all your IT security requirements. Take advantage of the HIPAA Safe Harbor Law by combining HIPAA with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).

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Integrated HIPAA Compliance

Compliance Manager GRC is the only software platform that allows you to manage HIPAA compliance at the same time you manage any other standards or frameworks — even your own. For example, you can simultaneously track HIPAA and NIST CSF, which have different controls. That’s great news for healthcare covered entities and business associates who want to take advantage of the HIPAA Safe Harbor law.

Automatic Generation of Custom HIPAA Compliance Documentation 

An accurate and thorough Security Risk Analysis is the most cited missing item in HIPAA penalties. And not performing this critical task has been identified as the root cause of most breaches. Included among the many automated reports in Compliance Manager GRC is the HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, which can be generated after performing a Rapid Baseline Assessment, or as a full compliance assessment. It also generates a Risk Treatment Plan to address discovered deficiencies. Not only will you reduce your risk, but these reports will help meet requirements of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), a Medicare payment program.

Built-In Policies & Procedures

HIPAA requires you to have an accurate and current Policies & Procedures Manual. Some companies offer “pre-fab” printed or PDF HIPAA P&P manuals. That’s fine for your bookshelf, but if you are ever audited, you’ll need to prove you actually followed those policies and procedures.

With Compliance Manager GRC, Policies and Procedures are built into the product – right where you can see them in real time. And if you follow different procedures to meet any specific requirements, you can easily customize the product to match what you do.



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Manage Business Associate Risk

If you are, or service, a Covered Entity in the healthcare sector, you are responsible for ensuring that all related business associates also adhere to HIPAA. Compliance Manager GRC’s Vendor Risk Management portal is the perfect solution to help you meet these requirements.


Manage Employee Risk

HIPAA requirements include specific policies and procedures that employees must follow. Compliance Manager GRC includes an Employee Portal to track and enforce employee security awareness training and HIPAA policy compliance attestation.

Meet all HIPAA Requirements


Covers HIPAA’s Security Rule, Privacy Rule, and Breach Notification Rule


Performs all actions required for the MIPS Incentive Payment System

Safe Harbor Law

Implements the NIST CSF to take advantage of the HIPAA Safe Harbor Law

Risk Insurance

Ensures your cyber risk insurance policy pays off in the event of a breach.