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Compliance, Simplified

They rely on you for compliance with IT requirements mandated by federal and state laws, industry standards, vendor contacts and cyber insurance policies.  And when there’s a forensic investigation or lawsuit following a breach, it’s up to you to prove the right things were done, and done right!

Compliance Manager GRC is here to help. It keeps track of all your IT requirements, highlights issues that need your attention, and makes it easy to generate the reports and evidence of compliance whenever you need it.

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MSP Edition

Generate new revenue and win more business by offering improved IT security and robust compliance services.


IT Pro Edition

Reduce risk and meet any industry, regulatory or internal security requirements without adding staff or stretching your budget.


Don’t Sweat the Details

Compliance Manager GRC is purpose-built to automate a wide range of compliance assessment, management and documentation tasks, saving time and frustration.

  • Get you started with a baseline risk assessment in less than an hour
  • Collect data on users, computers and networks to validate compliance assumptions. Update at any time
  • Create customized policies and procedures manuals based on your unique workflow
  • Show your progress against every standard or control set you’re tracking
  • Instantly produce evidence of compliance on demand
How It Works

The Most Customizable Compliance Solution on the Planet

No other Compliance Management software gives you the flexibility to manage multiple compliance standards and customized InfoSec programs, all at the same time and in the same place.

  • Built-in standards & frameworks
  • Build your own standards
  • Create your own controls
  • Manage multiple standards at the same time
Standards We Support

Automated Reporting & Custom Documentation

Compliance Manager GRC automatically generates a dynamic set of evidence of compliance for every standard and security program you manage. All these reports, and more, can be automatically generated, based on the latest data that is automatically or manually entered into the system:

  • Customized Policies & Procedures
  • Technical Assessment Report
  • Technical Risk Analysis Report
  • Technical Risk Treatment Plan
  • Plan of Action & Milestones Report (POA&M)
  • Auditor’s Checklist
  • Supporting Documents
The Reports


More Than Just a Checklist Product

Compliance Manager GRC gives you a simple workflow process with customizable options, automated data collection and value-added features.

Uniform Assessment Methodology for All Standards
Dynamic Plans of Action & Milestones
Automated Report Generation and Archiving
Custom Controls and Standards
Vendor Risk Management Portal
Self-Serve Employee Compliance Portal
Interactive Dashboards
Role-Based Collaboration for Multiple Stakeholders
Automated Workflow and Task Notification
LAN, Cloud, and Computer Data Collection

What Our Customers are Saying

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For me it's the user-friendly interface as well as scalability, as our organizations grow, their compliance requirements may become more complex. My clients appreciate the work we have done to ensure they have a centralized place to retrieve documents in case of an audit.

John S.

Helpful tool to assist with meeting enterprise compliance requirements.

Adel B

Great product. Easy to use, easy to implement, helps take some of the load off of us MSPs!

Tabitha T

Compliance Manager makes it easy to perform security attestations for customers. You can fill out the data once per year and then use the report to submit to customers and vendors asking for security reports.

Justin P

Compliance is hard but Compliance Manager GRC eases the complexity.

Wayne H.

A quality tool for those that need it. Replacing all of our manual documentation with a centralized repository for policy made our certification process much easier.

Spiros S.

Makes managing our HIPAA securiy painless. We used to struggle with audits every month for HIPAA; it was a chore to maintain our documentation in a format that was easy to access and utilize.

Tammy H.

Compliance manager is easy to setup and use. It functions as a vital tool in our toolkit to ensure compliance for our client base. We have utilized other solutions in the past. However, the ability to integrate direct client interaction with scanning and reviewing makes it the perfect fit for our customers and us. The interface is intuitive, the scanning and integration is seamless and the centralized storage location of compliance documentation makes coordination and implementation much less painful.

Zackary W.

Takes compliance and makes it manageable again. Before partnering with our compliance vendor and using compliance manager, we were stuck in the past documenting via paper, pen and storing in locked file cabinets. Compliance Manager GRC gives us a combined, easy-to-navigate portal to access our necessary compliance documentation anywhere, anytime.

Kelly T.

Our one stop shop for compliance administration.

Tyler S.

With Compliance Manager GRC in our toolbox, we're able to master our HIPAA compliance without the previous headaches brought on by manually documenting our practices.

Jill S.

A product that just works. It is a simple to use tool that allows us to ensure our business practices are aligned with our compliance goals.

Henry T

We can quickly pull up information when needed and add documentation when new gaps are discovered with ease. There's virtually no downtime, which gives us peace of mind about being able to provide proof of our compliance status anywhere, anytime.

Erin H.

Compliance manager meets our needs regarding ongoing managed compliance for our clients. It makes managing continued compliance easy and convenient. We're able to work in tandem with our clients to provide a comprehensive solution.

Shawn D.

The Perfect Fit For Our Compliance Needs. Compliance Manager GRC is easy to use. We’ve been able to implement the necessary controls by providing access to the appropriate key to members of our team with the knowledge to implement any required documentation and changes.

Harry R.

Compliance Manager GRC allows us to scan our client's networks and get accurate answers to many compliance answers. It also generates all the needed documentation and supporting forms needed to show compliance status, and scores.

Matthew H.

The ability to manage so many different clients on so many compliance frameworks is a blessing in itself. The ability to manage vendors, have client views and store artifacts is icing on the cake. Top it off with the cherry of robust reporting and exhibits is that cherry we all need.

Roman S.

The best thing about this Compliance manager GRC is that it allows organisations to enforce policies and procedures related to IT security and regulatory compliance. It provides a centralised platform to communicate document and track adherence to these policies.

Surya S.

Some of the upsides to using Compliance Manager are: Ability to access compliance documents via the cloud, anywhere; Scalability, new employees can easily be brought into the compliance management team quickly; Ease of use, the software is very easy to pickup and use

Oscar R

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