Export POAM Tickets to Autotask


Datto EDR Endpoint Threat Detection and Response Evidence of Compliance

Datto EDR

Datto EBPC Direct-to-Cloud PC Backup Training Evidence of Compliance

Datto EBPC

Datto BCDR Endpoint Backup Evidence of Compliance

Datto BCDR

Datto EBS Direct to Cloud Server Backup Evidence of Compliance

Datto EBS

Passly Two Factor Authentication Evidence of Compliance


This feature incorporates critical data from two-factor authentication processes, bolstering the security infrastructure and compliance posture of organizations. 

Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure Cloud VM Evidence of Compliance

Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure

Datto RMM Patch Management Evidence of Compliance

Datto RMM

Dark Web ID Monitored Domains Evidence of Compliance

Dark Web ID

RocketCyber Endpoint Firewall and Microsoft 365 Threat Monitoring Evidence of Compliance


Graphus Cloud Email Security Evidence of Compliance


BullPhish ID Security Awareness Training Evidence of Compliance: 

BullPhish ID

With this integration, results from security awareness trainings administred through Bullphish ID are automatically fed into Compliance Manager GRC as evidence of compliance for any standards that require this type of training. Evidence includes metrics that validate end users have taken the training.

Automated Customer Onboarding in Compliance Manager GRC

IT Glue

ITC Compliance Manager GRC + myITProcess Integration


Sensitive Data Scan and Summary

Datto Workplace

SaaS Back-Up Status & Evidence of Compliance

Datto SaaS Protection

Datto Workplace PII Data Feed in Compliance Manager GRC

Datto Workplace

Data Collection Automation


Avoids the manual collection and update of Compliance data by using VSA agent procedures to automatically gather and update the relevant information. This ensures more accurate Compliance reporting and simpler, more frequent Compliance procedure. 

VulScan Integration – Evidence of Compliance


The integration automates the import of vulnerability data from VulScan into Compliance Manager GRC, enabling the generation of Technical Risk reports to document and assess organizational compliance risks. This streamlined process not only saves time and resources but also enhances audit readiness through the Evidence of Compliance feature, facilitating better audit outcomes.

Search & Attach IT Glue documents as Evidence of Compliance

IT Glue

This integration empowers users to search for and attach pertinent IT Glue documents directly to Compliance Manager GRC worksheets, simplifying the process of gathering and organizing evidence needed for compliance assessments. By facilitating seamless access and attachment of relevant documentation from IT Glue to Compliance Manager GRC worksheets, this integration streamlines the evidence collection process, making it easier and more efficient for organizations to demonstrate compliance during assessments and audits.

Licensing Integration for BMS billing


This integration streamlines customer billing by automatically updating BMS contracts with each customer’s usage of Compliance Manager GRC services, eradicating the need for manual reconciliation and ensuring accurate billing for the Kaseya services provided. Through automated updates of BMS contracts based on Compliance Manager GRC usage, this integration significantly reduces manual reconciliation time, optimizes revenue collection, and ensures billing accuracy, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the customer billing process.

Automatic Archiving of Compliance Manager Reports in IT

IT Glue

The integration automates the transmission of Compliance Manager GRC reports directly to the corresponding organizations within IT Glue, centralizing all compliance documentation in one accessible location. This integration simplifies compliance tracking by consolidating all necessary documentation within IT Glue, making it easier for organizations to manage and demonstrate compliance, while also potentially expediting audit processes.

Export Compliance issues to BMS Ticketing


This integration automates the export of assessment risks from Compliance Manager GRC to BMS as tickets, thereby creating a seamless pathway for tracking, billing hours for work, and ensuring remediation tasks are duly completed to uphold compliance standards. By automatically translating assessment risks into tickets within BMS, this integration significantly saves time, ensures precise billing for work conducted, and fosters a structured approach to remediation, aiding in the maintenance of compliance.