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What Every IT Pro Must Know About Cyber Risk Insurance

What Every IT Pro Must Know About Cyber Risk Insurance | Compliance Manager GRC
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The question is not IF one the networks you manage will get hacked — it’s about which network, when and how much will the breach cost. That’s why it’s so essential that anyone responsible for IT security understands the kind of cybersecurity risk insurance they have, and the specific IT requirements included in the policy terms.

Watch this on-demand webinar where our guest presenter, cyber insurance expert Kirsten Bay, CEO of Cysurance, discusses:

  • The different types of cyber risk insurance policies available
  • The types of IT disasters that can be covered beyond just cybercrime
  • The typical IT requirements that you can expect to find in almost any cyber risk policy
  • The “gotchas” to look out for that can be buried in cyber risk policies
  • How to explain to key decision-makers the need for a cyber risk policy (if none exists)

The session also includes a quick demonstration of Compliance Manager GRC — an affordable and automated compliance management platform for tracking insurance policy compliance automatically as you manage all your other IT requirements, irrespective of the source.