Expand Your MSP Business with Compliance Services

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How Adding Compliance Services Can Be Your Golden Ticket

Watch this on-demand webinar and let compliance expert Paul Evans walk you through the steps you need to take in order to successfully implement a compliance management service and what pitfalls you need to avoid.

Max Pruger, General Manager of Compliance Manager GRC, conducted an extensive Q&A with Evans as he details Verus’s successes and failures implementing a compliance services program.

Watch now and find out:
  • What types of compliance are most popular with clients
  • What services should you offer
  • How to identify prospects
  • What pain points to expect and how to minimize or eliminate them
  • What a typical compliance service package looks like

Hear how Verus leverages Compliance Manager GRC to help clients complete their compliance needs. And how they use it in tandem with VulScan to aid in developing security programs, standards and policies for companies that are not under any compliance standards.