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How to Reduce Risk, Complexity and Cost Associated With InfoSec

How to Reduce Risk, Complexity and Cost Associated With InfoSec | Compliance Manager GRC
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Cybercriminals are getting savvier and more creative, finding new ways to foil your IT security controls. Meanwhile, industry, government and corporate watchdogs are laying down new standards and requirements for IT security and privacy.

To top it all, cyber insurance companies are weaving more IT security requirements into the terms of their policies to limit their payouts.

As a result, IT professionals are under increasing pressure — and scrutiny — to comply with IT requirements coming down from multiple fronts. It’s becoming nearly impossible to keep track of all of it. — especially, producing evidence of that compliance.

The good news is that there are integrated information security assurance tools that can map all these requirements on a common controls database, eliminating duplication of effort while allowing you to track and manage each separate set of requirements independently — all at the same time.

Watch this webinar recording to see GM of Compliance Manager GRC Max Pruger present:

• How to identify or establish your IT policies and generate a dynamic and automated Policies & Procedures Manual
• How to define the requirements needed to execute the policies
• How to identify which controls will meet the requirements
• How to quickly create an action plan to address gaps where requirements are not being met
• How to remain in compliance with the IT requirements of any government or industry standard, business contract or corporate policy
• How to produce on-demand evidence of compliance in the event of an internal or external audit