Master Class Series:

Expand Your MSP Business with a Compliance Service Portfolio

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More MSPs are delivering compliance services to their clients, and CMMC presents one of the biggest opportunities for business growth. Our four-webinar master class series provides the essential information you need to get started in this field.

As an MSP, deep expertise in the minutiae of CMMC requirements is not necessary, but a fundamental understanding of how to navigate the process is crucial. In this CMMC master class series, you will learn:

  • What MSPs need to know to offer this profitable service
  • The risks faced by every MSP — and your clients — if non-compliant
  • Strategies to create, package, price, and sell an add-on IT security service
  • Techniques to ensure profitability

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CMMC Market Opportunities

Most MSPs know a lot about IT operations, somewhat less about IT security, and very little about IT Governance & Compliance. Yet it’s the latter that is the biggest driver of new business development and on-going services for MSPs.

Watch this webinar and find out:

  • The process/role of the MSP
  • What are the trends/timelines of what an OSC/Consultant should expect
  • How to sell CMMC services
  • What questions to ask during discovery calls with clients
  • Where CMMC is heading
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MSP Responsibility & Requirements of Control

CMMC has very specific rules that you and your client need to follow to ensure compliance.

This webinar will help you:

  • Understand the importance of a shared responsibility matrix
  • Review of controls that effect MSPs and that MSPs are in charge of
  • Understand the assessment objectives
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CMMC Assessment process & Training Importance

In our third session, Eric Levitas and Matt Hoeper, from Edwards Performance Solutions take you through the C3PAO process and cover topics including:

  • The C3PAO process and needs
  • The handoff process to C3PAOs – what they are looking for
  • The importance of CCP training for MSPs
  • The marketability of CCPs on an MSP team
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CMMC Overview

In our final session, we provide a review of everything we covered in the first three sessions and address a variety of questions and concerns from MSPs just like you.

You’ll find details on:

  • Market potential
  • CMMC requirements
  • How to position your offerings
  • The details both you and your clients need to be aware of
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