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Ride the Rising CMMC 2.0 Tide: How to Get Your Clients Onboard

Ride the Rising CMMC 2.0 Tide: How to Get Your Clients Onboard | Compliance Manager GRC
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In this important live webinar, we bring in Certified Security Compliance Specialist Mike Semel to provide specific strategies and messaging than MSPs can deliver to your clients and prospects who need your help complying with new government mandates. He will answer the most challenging questions MSPs ask:

  • Why is CMMC 2.0 so important for hundreds of thousands of small businesses that make up the Defense Industrial Base?
  • Why is there so much confusion about the cybersecurity requirements mandated for these companies?
  • As an MSP, how can I talk to my clients about this changing landscape in a way that will get them to wake up and ask me to assist with the necessary compliance requirements?
  • And how can I deliver that assistance, and make money at the same time?

Mike Semel has the latest information about current requirements of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program. He will explain how to quickly decipher the key technical clauses in most Department of Defense contracts that will trigger the need for some kind of cybersecurity assessment. Then he will give you the strategy to turn this requirement into an opportunity – for both you and your clients.

During this fast-passed session, Mike will be joined by Compliance Manager GM Max Pruger, to discuss:

  • What they see happening with DoD contracts from Prime contractors all the way down the supply chain
  • How to give your clients the biggest cybersecurity resilience bang for their buck
  • What measuring cybersecurity progress and compliance looks like
  • How your clients can use the transition into good cyber hygiene as a business development tool