On-Demand Webinar

The Essential Steps To Achieve IT Security Assurance

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If you’re an IT professional tasked with the responsibility of deploying and maintaining your organization’s network security and compliance, this exclusive briefing on security assurance has everything you need.

Max Pruger, General Manager, Compliance Manager GRC, touches upon the best practices employed by high-performing IT professionals and how they ensure that each team member completes their tasks on time. Security assurance requires finding the balance between discipline and technology, and the Essential Steps to Achieve IT Security Assurance covers it all.

In this briefing, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your IT security scope for any given environment
  • Automatically create a policy and procedures
  • Engage end-users and stakeholders in your IT security and compliance processes
  • Perform a comprehensive baseline security assessment to identify security gaps
  • Automate a plan of action to prioritize remediation
  • Effortlessly gather and compile evidence that the work has been completed
  • Automatically generate the reports you need to improve security and compliance management

Watch on-demand and learn how you can achieve IT security assurance!