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How To Stop Managing HIPAA Compliance In A Vacuum

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HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a complex regulation with tons of IT policies and procedures you must follow to meet all the requirements. And, maintaning HIPAA compliance is a “team sport” that also includes company stakeholders who are gatekeepers of needed information or subject matter experts.

Whether you outsource it, or handle it in-house, properly managing the IT requirements of HIPAA can consume enormous resources . . . unless you manage it as part of an overall Information Security Assurance program.

In this special briefing, noted HIPAA compliance guru Mike Semel, talks about HIPAA through the lens of the IT professional. He explains why it is so essential to be on top of your game to avoid costly fines and lawsuits. And he shows you how many of the HIPAA IT policies and procedures overlap with the requirements with other standards you must comply with, including your cyber liability insurance policy terms, other government or industry standards, or your own internal IT policies and procedures.

Then we briefly demonstrate Compliance Manager GRC — the first affordable HIPAA compliance platform that is purpose-built to drive more efficiency into your IT organization. You’ll see how quick and easy it is to:

  • identify the IT controls required to meet all your IT requirements
  • conduct rapid baseline assessments
  • generate dynamic plans of actions and milestones to achieve compliance
  • produce evidence of compliance literally at the click of a button.

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