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Compliance Masterclass Series: Expand your MSP Business with A Compliance Service Portfolio

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Most MSPs know a lot about IT operations, somewhat less about IT security, and very little about IT Governance & Compliance. Yet it’s the latter that is the biggest driver of new business development and on-going services for MSPs.
Implicit with any governance and compliance program is the process of assessing the current IT environment. And during that assessment process is where the golden opportunities arise to identify gaps in IT requirements that MUST be met – either because the client is subject to government regulations – such as CMMC, HIPAA or the FTC Safeguards Rule – or because of their own policies and procedures that are supposed to be followed for IT security assurance.
The first webinar in this series will talk about the huge market opportunity for MSPs in selling IT security assurance and compliance services to every client they have, and every prospect they talk to.