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Cyber Essentials On-Demand Webinar

Cyber Essentials On-Demand Webinar | Compliance Manager GRC
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Managing compliance with the expanding list of UK government and industry standards is becoming a daunting task for any IT professional – its close to impossible to juggle them all!

  • Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus
  • GDPR and other privacy conditions built into business contracts
  • External audits and government regulations
  • Plus your own internal IT policies and procedures

The good news is that you can manage all of your IT requirements at the same time, and in the same place using the next generation of IT compliance management software. What’s more is you can automatically generate the evidence you need to document your compliance – to streamline processes like attaining your Cyber Essentials certification – the de facto requirement to demonstrate that cybersecurity is embedded into your business practices.

In this session we’ll reduce the complexity by showing you:

  • What every IT professional needs to know about legally-recognised IT security requirements such as Cyber Essentials
  • How to manage IT requirements efficiently and seamlessly at a fraction of the time
  • 5 steps to get certified with Cyber Essentials – known to reduce up to 80% of cyber attacks
  • How to leverage your certification
  • How to get exclusive access to our free Cyber Essentials Starter Kit

Watch this on-demand webinar by Max Pruger now if you’re ready to transform the way you manage security and privacy compliance!