Cyber Risk Insurance Readiness

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Cyber Risk Insurance Readiness Data Sheet | Compliance Manager GRC

Thank you for your interest in our “Compliance Manager GRC Cyber Risk Insurance Readiness“ datasheet. You can also download our main Compliance Manager GRC 4-page brochure.

As you’ll see, Compliance Manager GRC makes it easier for you to manage compliance with the IT terms of your Cyber Risk Policy because you can do it at the same time that you track and manage assurance with all your IT security requirements, regardless of source.

Compliance Manager GRC is unique in that way. You pick the standard(s) you want to track, including your own, and then use Compliance Manager GRC to run an assessment to find the gaps between what you’re supposed to be doing, and what’s actually happening. Compliance Manager GRC will then generate both a Risk Management Plan and a Plan of Actions & Milestones for you to work toward compliance, and produce the evidence of compliance.

The Cyber Risk Insurance Readiness standard template is a roll-up of the most common requirements of most Cyber Risk Insurnace policies. You can perform a Rapid Baseline Assessment to see how close you are, or clone the template to customize it to match the exact terms of your specific policy.

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