Center for Internet Security Critical Security Controls (CIS v8) Framework for Safeguarding Information from Cyber Threats.

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CIS v8

Ensure compliance with the Center for Internet Security Critical Security Controls (CIS v8) Framework while efficiently managing all your IT security requirements, irrespective of their sources, using Compliance Manager GRC’s CIS v8 Framework Compliance Management Template.

Compliance Manager GRC empowers you to leverage your existing IT security tools, software, and systems to meet the safeguard requirements of the CIS v8 framework, all while maintaining compliance with your other IT requirements. With CIS v8, you’ll gain access to a robust framework encompassing 18 crucial security control categories.

The CIS Controls are specifically tailored to your organization’s maturity level and come in three Implementation Groups: IG1, IG2, and IG3. IG1 is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises with limited IT expertise, providing fundamental defense against common threats. IG2 builds upon IG1, offering additional safeguards, making it suitable for organizations handling sensitive data. IG3 is designed for cybersecurity experts in organizations with intricate security needs.

Compliance Manager GRC streamlines CIS v8 compliance by seamlessly integrating with your existing IT tools and systems. It simplifies compliance determination, gap identification, and document generation. Whether you’re a small business, MSP, or a large organization, our platform ensures accessible compliance management.

Achieve compliance effortlessly, automate assessments and reports, and take advantage of cost-effective, enterprise-class functionality. Efficiently manage your CIS Controls v8 Framework and all other IT requirements. Begin your journey with a demo of Compliance Manager GRC today to experience comprehensive cybersecurity management in action.

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