Work with Larger Clients and Command Higher Fees

April 05, 2022

Want to justify higher fees and prevent churn? It’s time to deepen your client relationships and demonstrate more value. While there are a variety of ways to approach this, compliance is an easy and low-cost opportunity to increase revenue and keep clients longer.  


Offer compliance services 

Compliance services grant you tremendous value that goes beyond basic managed security services. You have the opportunity to differentiate your business from the competition and establish yourself as an industry leader.  You can also increase the equity value in your company.  


These services require changing from volume-based pricing to value-based. Lead with how your services can bring value to the client – what do they have to gain? Approval of substantial funding? Higher merger or resale value? Greater stakeholder and customer trust? Contrast those gains with what they stand to lose if they fail to comply. 


If you build it, they will come 

Add options that will make your client relationships stickier, reduce client churn, and bring in more revenue. Expand your business by offering:  

  • Compliance documentation that’s accurate, thorough and customizable that matches every client’s unique IT requirement 
  • End-user policy awareness and attestation tracking 
  • Cybersecurity awareness training for all client employees and record compliance 
  • Help to improve client IT security posture with vendor risk management 
  • Avenues to acquire better cyber risk insurance and provide compliance assurance, ensuring claim payouts 

Compliance Manager GRC 

Increasing revenue streams and adding new services requires some effort on your part. But a comprehensive compliance management platform can reduce the effort required and automate much of the work. Compliance Manager GRC gives you greater confidence that the Information Security programs you’re putting into place are actually working – and generates the documentation to prove it! 

You don’t need additional headcount or prior knowledge of regulatory standards. Compliance Manager GRC can put you in the business of providing improved IT security and robust compliance for your clients. Our Rapid Baseline Assessment will help you get up to speed quickly and demonstrate the need and value of compliance to your existing customers and prospects. 

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