Win More Compliance Business with Existing Clients and New Prospects

March 25, 2022

Let’s face it. Selling is one of the last things most of us really want to do. Many people equate sales with making people buy things they don’t want, don’t need, and can’t afford. But when it comes to IT services…and protecting systems and assets is vital to any business’s success and longevity.  

A critical step in successful sales is to engage in a mutual dialogue about what your client or prospect is trying to accomplish, and then applying your services to their needs. Ask smart questions, help clients see problems they didn’t know they had or opportunities you can provide to improve their operations. 

Compliance services are a great example of just such a sales approach. With the right Compliance Management software, you can improve your chances of closing more business by:  

  • Generating a “Rapid Baseline Assessment” in less than an hour. It reveals a high-level view of your prospect’s compliance posture against any set of requirements you pick.   
  • Creating structured interview workflows that guide you through a simple UI and identify compliance issues that a prospect doesn’t even know they have – with or without using the automated data collectors.    
  • Approaching new clients through different “points of entry,” with services that will be of value to the HR, Finance, and Operations leadersnot just the IT department. 

By offering Compliance Management services to your clients, you can provide improved IT security and robust compliance across a variety of standards, federal and state regulations. It also offers proof that the Information Security programs you’ve put into place are actually working – and generates the documentation to prove it. Compliance Manager GRC helps you achieve all this and much more. 

With Compliance Manager GRC as part of your service provider toolbox, you can walk your clients step-by-step through the technical compliance documentation process and give them a clear view into any necessary remediation tasks. It also increases your recurring revenue opportunities while expanding your customer reach. 

Request a demo today to learn how your MSP can help customers navigate the complex world of compliance management while creating new, profitable services with Compliance Manager GRC.