Why Complying with Cyber Essentials a Big Opportunity

August 22, 2022

For businesses in the United Kingdom that want to enhance their credibility and expand their customer base, the Cyber Essentials security scheme is a big opportunity. Businesses, regardless of size, should consider obtaining their Cyber Essentials certification. It is cost-effective to obtain, can defend against 80% of cyberattacks and will instill a sense of confidence in your customers.

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

The UK government introduced the Cyber Essentials scheme in 2014 to help businesses build a strong cybersecurity posture. Maintained and operated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the certification helps organisations demonstrate operational security against cyberattacks.

The scheme provides two levels of certification:

  1. Cyber Essentials is a basic, foundation-level certification for which organisations must complete an online self-assessment questionnaire. The application is then verified by a qualified assessor.
  2. Cyber Essentials Plus certification is the highest security certification offered under the Cyber Essentials framework. In addition to the self-assessment questionnaire, organisations must clear a technical assessment that checks whether they are protected against basic hacking and phishing attacks. 


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7 reasons to comply with Cyber Essentials

In the last 12 months, 39% of businesses in the UK have faced cyberattacks and 20% of businesses experienced negative outcomes such as loss of money or data. According to the UK government, 80% of attacks reported by businesses were phishing-related — something that easily could have been prevented with a basic Cyber Essentials certification.  

If you are yet to make up your mind on why you should adopt Cyber Essentials, here are seven reasons to guide you towards taking that decisive step:

1. Defend against 80% of cyberattacks

By implementing five of the basic security controls listed in the Cyber Essentials framework, you can defend against the most common cyberthreats.

2. Demonstrate your commitment to data protection

With a Cyber Essentials certification, you can prove to your customers that you are committed to data protection and cybersecurity.

3. Working with larger businesses

Larger corporations have become serious about ensuring security at every level of their business and prefer working with an organisation that has already implemented a robust security framework like Cyber Essentials.

4. Reduce cyber tax

Businesses can reduce 80% of cyber taxes by adopting the Cyber Essentials guidelines.

5. Reduce cyber insurance premiums

Cyber insurance agencies offer better rates to organisations that comply with Cyber Essentials. Moreover, if you have successfully implemented the Cyber Essentials framework, you are automatically entitled to cyber liability insurance.

6. Prevent loss

According to a 2022 report by the UK government, cyberattacks cost businesses around £19,400. Being compliant with Cyber Essentials guidelines can protect your business against most threats, which are capable of burning a hole in your pocket.

7. Bid for Government and Defence contracts

Only Cyber Essentials-certified organisations can bid for UK government and Ministry of Defence contracts.


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