How to Offer the Best Managed Compliance Services

April 05, 2023
Compliance Services Pro for IT Teams | Compliance Manager GRC

Managing compliance for organizations across the world has always been quite a challenge. Without the assistance of compliance management experts and solutions, adhering to complex, stringent and ever-changing regulations will continue to be difficult and weigh businesses down. For SMBs, achieving high levels of compliance can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

The AME Group, an acclaimed MSP, addresses those problems and helps businesses by providing comprehensive and cost-effective managed compliance services. Leveraging its partnership with RapidFire Tools, the company utilizes Compliance Manager GRC, a powerful compliance management platform, to support clients in strengthening their IT governance, risk management and compliance (GRC).

Carry out various assessments and help simplify compliance management

Compliance Manager GRC is a compliance management platform that enables businesses to comply with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, HIPAA and CMMC, among a host of other IT regulations.

The AME Group utilizes every feature of the platform to help clients achieve their compliance and risk management goals. Compliance Manager GRC is easy to deploy and extremely flexible, capable of quickly integrating with any client’s IT environment. The AME Group uses the platform to run a rapid baseline assessment and then a controls assessment.

The AME Group leveraged Compliance Manager GRC when one of their clients asked them to address two specific needs: their cyber insurance readiness and their level of compliance in accordance with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. “We evaluated the client’s environment against all requirements of the framework, even ones that may not apply to them because Compliance Manager GRC has a solid point of reference that aligns with many other NIST standards,” says Jay Sundberg, security services manager, The AME Group.

Educate clients on compliance best practices

Compliance Manager GRC allows The AME Group to manage compliance controls, allowing them to educate clients on what each standard means and how it relates to their IT environment and business. The MSP can now do more for each customer and effectively build their awareness and knowledge to help them manage their audits without any complications.

The platform also features Plan of Action and Milestones functionalities, which allow an MSP to deliver the most holistic and robust managed compliance service. When updated and followed regularly, the Plan of Action feature makes it easier to keep a client’s environment documentation up to date with current standard requirements.

Whether for NIST, HIPAA or cyber liability insurance, The AME Group can help clients manage compliance with Compliance Manager GRC. The platform’s ability to conduct accurate assessments and its intuitive reporting functionalities saves clients time and allows them to focus on their primary revenue generation activities, all while improving their GRC management.

Schedule a demo for Compliance Manager GRC today and transform how you help your clients handle their compliance processes.