Help Your Clients Maximize Cyber Liability Insurance Benefits

March 08, 2022

Cyber Liability Insurance is a great asset and offers you and your clients security if a breach occurs…if you and your client have done the homework and vigilantly recorded the work that’s been done, there’s a far greater chance the insurance provider will pay. Make sure you work with customers by following these basic instructions: 

Educate them on all the security requirements that are built into their cyber liability insurance policies

Complete a comprehensive compliance assessment to ensure they are in compliance with the IT security terms of their policies

 Offer ongoing security remediation to ensure they remain compliant with the policy terms

Document your on-going assessments and remediation steps to prove “due care” (this can be automated)

Regularly review their cyber liability insurance coverage and offer a replacement or supplemental policy to cover any gaps

Learn how to offer cyber liability insurance compliance as part of a comprehensive IT security assurance program using Compliance Manager GRC.

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