Compete (AND WIN) Against Other MSPs…No Matter Their Size  

April 12, 2022

Most people are drawn to careers doing work they like. Very few children dream of growing up to be sales managers. But MSP management often finds themselves in that position and competing against other companies…sometimes much larger companies with more resources. 

Do you find yourself worrying about larger MSPs? Not to mention all the software and hardware vendors and retailers that want to take their own piece of the managed services space. They all have huge marketing budgets and endless resources. How can you keep pace with all this competition, much less come out victorious? 

One way to get a leg up is by offering compliance services. The ability to help prospects and clients navigate the complicated and ever-changing world of compliance gives you an edge over the competition. And a well-designed compliance management platform can help you deliver those services without breaking the bank or requiring you to hire a team of compliance experts. 

Key features you should look for include: 

  • Customizable controls and standards that allow you to provide a more personalized and tailored managed security service compared to larger competitors.   
  • Low subscription fee and high level of automation that allows you to be more efficient – and cost-effective – in delivering IT Compliance solutions.  
  • Built-in platforms for employees and vendors that allow you to include value-added services to differentiate your offerings and expand your business. 

Compliance Manager GRC 

Increasing revenue streams and adding new services requires some effort on your part. But a comprehensive compliance management platform reduces the effort required and automates much of the work. Compliance Manager GRC gives you greater confidence that the information security programs you’re putting into place are actually working – and generates documentation to prove it! 

You don’t need additional headcount or prior knowledge of regulatory standards. Compliance Manager GRC can put you in the business of providing improved IT security and robust compliance for your clients. Our Rapid Baseline Assessment will help you get up to speed quickly and demonstrate the need and value of compliance to your existing customers and prospects. 

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