Compliance & IT Security Assurance Software Buyer's Guide

Compliance & IT Security Assurance Software Buyer's Guide | Compliance Manager GRC
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Not All Compliance Management Solutions are Created Equal

The compliance solution landscape is host to a variety of products that deliver varied results. IT professionals can opt for inexpensive platforms that require immense customization and hours of configuration to even begin to deliver useable results, or they can opt for extremely expensive solutions that still may not deliver the results they need.

Not only should your compliance solution help you meet your compliance needs, but it should deliver additional benefits to improve your IT processes. Look for features such as:

  • Automated compliance documentation
  • Baseline assessment
  • Ability to manage multiple compliance standards concurrently
  • Employee self-attestation
  • Supplier verification

This Buyer’s Guide explains why compliance is important and how to implement a compliance solution for however many standards or guidelines you are tasked with supporting. It also provides details on the various reporting options available that allow you to verify your efforts and prove compliance.